IoT Monitoring With

To bring visibility to diverse IoT fleets, (An INCA Networks Logstash Tool) can be installed on nearly any hardware platform and operating system, including Linux, Windows, Android, and ARM devices. On every device, the lightweight™ Agent collects metrics, distributed traces, logs, and more for centralized monitoring and analytics.™ enables companies with large device fleets to manage and monitor their logs cost-effectively. Companies can send all their logs to™ for real-time visibility, then generate metrics that summarize log contents and dynamically retain high-value logs for long-term analytics. Organizations that run IoT devices using a managed cloud service can visualize all their data using™ fully supported integrations for IoT monitoring, including Amazon IoT, Google Cloud IoT, and Azure IoT Hub. Regardless of the source,™ brings together all the operational data required for monitoring IoT devices in an intuitive platform for visualization, analytics, correlation, and alerting.



Monitor business-level IoT metrics alongside device health

IoT devices rarely run off-the-shelf software but instead perform functions that are unique and vital to the business. Whether they serve as point-of-sale terminals, distributed sensors, or industrial machinery, IoT devices often collect mission-critical operational data or handle custom business logic.™ enables companies to collect, analyze, and visualize this business-level data from IoT devices alongside health and performance metrics from the devices themselves. With robust APIs and telemetry libraries for virtually every language and framework,™ makes instrumentation simple and efficient. By adding just a few lines of code, developers can start collecting and analyzing custom business metrics in the same platform that they use to monitor IoT devices, distributed applications, and the rest of their IT infrastructure.