Business Networks

If the heartbeat of a business is it’s workforce then the brains of an operation is it’s network. Having an optimised, secure and connective network is imperative to any business functioning and growing. A Business Network will host every device associated with the business, virtual assets, customer data and potentially thousands of important documents. Your business network also allows your employees to communicate with the world in a secure way and while measuring vulnerabilities and mitigating against the threat of cyber breaches. However Business Networks are not infallible and it’s likely that at some point your business network will be about of action.


What Happens When a Business Network Goes Down?


For most businesses a wired business network going down or going offline spells Disaster. With this fact in mind most businesses will have a mobile network backup in place for if and when a wired network goes down. Great! Problem solved, right? Not quite. A business network is a complex organism with needs and characteristics that are unique to each business it serves, optimised to make things as easy and efficient for the type of work and sometimes the type of the devices which are connected to the business network. This can mean when a wired network goes down and a “stock” mobile back-up solution takes its place, countless issues can arise. it’s matter of square pegs not fitting into round holes. A stock mobile network backup solution is designed to fill a gap. Usually these solution’s aren’t tailored to host a business networks full suite of systems, devices and data storage. This can mean when a mobile backup network is thrust into action, elements of your network may behave differently, in some cases be missing entirely and have security issues, leaving your day to day operations in chaos.

For example, a common problem when mobile networks are initiated is that a section of staff or it’s entirety may not be able to gain access to their e-mail or data drives. An issue as simple as this could leave a company’s business operations in tatters for days or even weeks, without any real work or communication being possible. (Even during a global pandemic in which the world was locked down, workforces were still able to read and respond to E-mails! ). This can mean in a lot of instances, mobile network backup solutions cause as many problems as they solve. So, what’s the Solution?


Frictionless Mobile Backup

INCA Networks provides a Frictionless Mobile Backup solution for business. This means our mobile backup solution will seamlessly host all devices, systems and activities that your wired network usually does, without your workforce losing access to tools or systems and without the network losing quality or connectivity. We do this by first learning your wired business network, it’s nuances and how the devices and workforce interact with it. We then work with you to optimise small aspects of your business network, so as we can best prepare it for a frictionless changeover to a mobile network should it be needed. We then design a custom mobile network that mimics your wired network and its intricacies meaning when a switch over is needed, your mobile network is ready to go!


Contact Us Today About Your Network Backup Needs.

At INCA Networks we’re ready to help your business navigate the tricky waters of Network Backup. Whether you’re looking to create a mobile backup network, or optimising an existing mobile network for your business we’re here every step of the way. Creating, adjusting and advising on what’s best for your particular business, never compromising on connectivity or security. Contact us today and get piece of mind with a robust Frictionless Network Solution.