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Logz.ly is a Log-stash and analytics tool designed to help firms combat IT threats by utilising machine learning and dealing with threats when they are in the development stage as opposed to when the threats have been realised. Logz.ly is part of the INCA suite of cyber security products and services.

Utilise the best open source observability tools on the market as a fully managed service using ELK.

Machine learning within the framework of logging analysis lets your cyber security infrastructure become more responsive over time and combat threats as they evolve.


SIEM.netsoc.io Can Help Your Company Mitigate Cyber Breaches.

SIEM tools are an important part of the data security ecosystem: they aggregate data from multiple systems and analyze that data to catch abnormal behavior or potential cyberattacks. SIEM tools provide a central place to collect events and alerts – but can be expensive, resource intensive, and customers report that it is often difficult to resolve problems with SIEM data.

Data Visualisation

Gathering your data is one thing, SIEM gives you a centralised view of all of your data so you can analyse information life logs, flows and applications like IIS and Apache. Kibana also makes it possible for users to spot and analyze relationships in Elasticsearch data and detect and explore anomalies in Elasticsearch data with machine learning features. As an added benefit, those who are responsible for analyzing and compiling data can easily share the information they have gathered with supervisors, colleagues, and customers thanks to Kibana’s dashboard sharing options and the program’s ability to allow dashboards to be inserted into internal wiki or website pages.